Ukraine: Kiev Orders New Offensive against Moscow-Backed Rebels..... Algeria/Southern Sahara: MUJAO Says French Hostage Dead..... Malaysia/Singapore: Pirates Kidnap Crewmen from Oil Tanker in Malacca Strait..... Egypt: Police General Killed by Bomb Placed under Car..... Brazil: One Killed in Violent Protest in Rio..... Mexico: Michoacan Authorities Arrest 46 Cartel Operatives Posing as Vigilantes..... Thailand: Pro-Government Activist Shot Dead in Bangkok..... Yemen/Global Jihad: Some Media Reporting al-Asiri Killed in US Ambush..... Russia: Founder of Russian Version of Facebook Flees Country..... Sri Lanka: British Tourist Detained for Having Buddha Tattoo.....


The Ackerman Group has offices in Miami, Salt Lake City, Munich, Bangkok, and correspondents throughout the world. Our clients include some 65 of America's top 100 multinationals, along with numerous European and Japanese companies.

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