Libya: Another Tunisian Diplomat Kidnapped in Tripoli..... Australia: Australian Islamic Extremists Killed in US Drone Attack in Yemen..... Ukraine/Russia: Ukrainian Forces Kill Three Pro-Russia Agitators, Stoking Crisis..... Turkey: Ruling Party Support Grows for Erdogan Presidential Run..... Yemen: AQAP Leader Threatens Terror Attacks in New Video..... China: Strike at Major Sports Footwear Factory Escalates..... Brazil: Police Strike Spurs Looting in Salvador..... Nicaragua: American Woman Murdered, Suspect Arrested.....

About Us

Since 1977, multinational corporations have called on The Ackerman Group Inc for counsel on a broad range of security and investigative-related issues. Our emphasis is always on prevention, but, when summoned in an emergency, we respond with unparalleled professionalism. Indeed, our tenacity and resourcefulness have earned us a reputation as the resource of last resort for beleaguered corporate decision-makers.

We are best known for our specialization in counterterrorism analyzing risks, protecting personnel and property, planning for contingencies and recovering hostages. But our political-stability projections have earned an enthusiastic following, as have our strategies for safeguarding inventories and our innovative investigative skills. Indeed, we are fast acquiring leadership status in the investigative realm, including intellectual property protection and assets tracing.

Also, clients seek out our intelligence, negotiating, communications and protective expertise when facing a wide range of emergencies from extortions, to wrongful detentions, to evacuations, to intractable problems with violence-prone labor and fringe groups.

Moreover, as an entirely consultant-owned concern, The Ackerman Group renders advice independently of manufacturers of security hardware, alarm and guard services, and insurance underwriters.

Our methodologies are thorough, balanced, deliberate, proven and cost-effective. Our discretion is absolute.

The Ackerman Group LLC -- 1666 Kennedy Causeway Suite 506 -- Miami, Florida 33141 -- 305.865.0072